Sunday, October 26, 2008


we are doing an alleycat on halloween night. heres the flyer. the race starts at 10:31 pm sharp and ends at midnight. we have to put a cap on it, just because. we have prizes from mac 5 bikeshop, volume bikes, kink bmx, hell on earth clothing, lux lounge, full moon vista, plus many others that we are working on as we speak. so we hope you know downtown rochester from a bikes riders perspective,..or from a hobo's perspective for that matter. after the awards and shit, we are doing a misfits tribute band. fuckin' aye is right. so get ready.
more to come....

Monday, October 6, 2008

pay attention! this is important

so here is the deal: Ryan and Sara own a great litle bike shop in town called Kore. if you are in the BMX community you have probably heard of it. They have single handedly developed a super positive scene and provided a place for riders to meet and buy all the latest stuff here in AZ for a couple years now. Sara was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has recently lost her job and insurance that goes along with it. The bike community is really coming together on this one and is throwing a little jam to help raise as much money as we can to offset their costs.
so if you are in town 10/18, i encourage you to swing through and check out the festivities and buy a t-shirt. It should be a great time with a fixed gear crit through the neighboring parking lots. The race organizer has said that "the course is so tight it is going to be like hipster roller derby out there". there will be a BMX best trick contest going on in the infield while the crit is going on. Freeride MTB guys and galls are encouraged to come ride the ramps as well. If enough geared road bike guys show up i will organize a crit for them too.
This is going to be a great time, for a great cause.
see you there!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

better late than never.

since i am not very good with words and i seem to always have a camera on me these days, I am going to let some pictures describe my interbike experience

The dirt demo was a blast only because the guys at Surly let me drink their ice cold Tecate and ride around on a Pugsley all day. Thanks Guys!! Big tires equal big fun.

with a little riding under our belt the group decided it was best to take the rental car rally driving and we ended up in a little ghost town that looked like this and had an amazing picture on the wall

and somebody was nice enough to direct us to a nice little swimming hole called Lake Meade and it looked like this
it just so happened that my good friend Matt was having a bachelor party the same time as interbike (yes it was planned that way, we really are gigantic bike nerds) so for a few days the details got blurry, but i have pictures!

from the looks of it we: ran into some guy named Eddy (act like ya know!), my friends drank cheap booze and hit on women, Justin played Qbert on the hotel floor, saw a cyclocross race that was so fast the camera couldn't even see it, climbed some red rocks, and it looks like Matt is drinking Jameson neat out of a wine glass on the street while wearing slippers.

It has been about a week since i have been home, by way of Minnesota (even longer story) and i am healed up enough to grab the touring bike and head out for 4 days. Full report when i get back! Sedona to Phoenix the long way. Go ride something.