Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tell me a story! (Will YA!-Will YA!) A Reall Good Story (I won't leave till Ya)


Ok, sorry for the delay, but I/We had to finish school finals before I/We could update this blog-o-matic. So, after finally getting back on a normal sleep schedule (………..HA!), here goes…

The Halloween Alleycat.
Fuck! The Halloween Alleycat!!! Man, it went awesome! Talk about one hell of a night. It was by far the biggest one we have done so far and everyone seemed to be ‘stoked!’, which in turn means, that we too, were filled with ‘the stoke!’ Thanks to everyone that showed up and participated in the she-nan-nuhghans, like getting lost on the way to the first check point, finding pumpkin helmets
, and collecting john McCain yard posters.

There ended up being only a couple McCain yard posters that were brought back because from what I hear, Downtown Rochester dwellers realized that a change was needed in the highest seat, so there really weren’t any Republican yard posters. I guess we could have planned the course a little better so it would have ventured out into the uptight suburbs, but then the course really wouldn’t have looked like a pentagram (Which was the whole point, peoples…!).

There were a bunch of people present for the afterparty, like these guys and the NHL commssioner was on his way thru town and made everyone drink from the Cup We then gave out the grand prize (from mac5 bikes ) to this dude
before we got on with the show
everyone had a blast(including all the Rathbun brothers), even the dudes in the band

And extra special thanks especially to all the sponsors (MAC 5 BIKES, KINK, Hell On Earth, Volume Bikes and LUX Lounge) for helping us out with rad prizes!