Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holy SHIT!!!

Wow, so, it's been quite awhile since this badboy has even been updated. which is good, because I'm sure it probably would have been filled with fart jokes and pictures of kittens with machine guns or something. Which, really when you think of it, the world really can never have enough of either. Like, I totally hate cats. I think they are annoying and they always have this look on their face like they are bored. But kittens are cool. and kittens with machine guns,...well...c'mon...that's an easy one. And fart jokes will always be hilarious. Even though I can't stand someone around me farting. As soon as it happens, I feel like I have to run away as fast as humanly possible because I hate the smell of someone's ass. And plus, my Dad used to blast allll the fucking time when I was a kid, so I'm sure I am a weee bit traumatized.
So, you can surf lake ontario. Yep. It's cold as fuck, but doable. I personally am horrible at it, but I love it. Above here is the surf cast for lake ontario for tomorrow. And then there's this...

...which is just... sooo......... bad