Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interbike update coming soon....

I will be filing a full Interbike report as soon as i get back to the desert, which should be some time monday night. Somehow i ended up in Minneapolis for the past 3 days now i have to fly back to Las Vegas and then drive my car back to does some weird shit to a man
buying a lap dance from Whoopie:


I didn't go. trev didn't go. i believe chris is there, or was there. I'm sure by now you have seen all of the pictures of alll the new products that may or may not be coming out anytime soon. if not, you can go here or here or here or here or here. from the looks of it, we didn't miss much. Then again, close up pictures of bike parts never really tells the story of what happens outside of the convention center and in the streets of vegas. i'm sure there was way more of this going on

Just thinking about last year and how trevor got drunk and hung out with this guy

i got drunk and turned into this guy

chris got drunk and ended up in bed with this guy

Fam got drunk and ended up going home with this guy

in other news.

i made a video. check it out below. i have no idea what i am doing, but this shit is as fun as an oriental massage... or is it massaging an oriental. not the rug kind.

Untitled Remix from jimmy rathbun on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Urkel on A Unicycle.

1 Unbroken Egg
1 Flyer of a Shitty Band
1 B/W pin-up photo
1 Moustache
1 Metallica's Kill Em' All on casstte
1 Black Eye
1 Switchblade comb
1 Newspaper from Aug 24th
1 29" tube
1 Jar of marbles
1 Urkel riding a unicycle
Finish in your underwear.

These were the skavenger hunt items for the alleycat we had last weekend. My leg still has a huge gapping wound that has to be constantly bandaged seing that it was trapped under the matress bike. bleeding legs aside, holy shit did we have a good time!. hope you did too. the next alleycat will be sometime end of september. and it may have a theme to it. so get ready.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

!BLACK 13! AlleyCat Recall of Events

Holy Shit. That was some good goddamn fun.

Tons of new people showed up on sunday night for our second ever annual AlleyCat thru Rochester NY and it went off magically. for reals. A good mix of serious riders and serious hipsters showed up and rode their asses off through a course that was alot longer then the first one and in the end, two bmxers that knew there way around downtown well enough ended up winning; Nate and Boob Shack. Nate afterward was heard saying, 'maybe it does pay off to ride bmx', seeing that he won a shiny nice FBM 'Big Ape' belt buckle. Boob Shack didn't win anything besides a girlfriend with a black eye, yet he still provided much of the color commentary for the evening in a style that only he can deliver. the after party was held at 126Argyle, the house of past and future parties (Black 13 alleycat halloween party?....maaaybe), with hosts Andy, Kyle and fashionablly late John Frame. We raffled everything off. some people won stuff, like awesome FBM stuff (shirts-Beer fish Cozies-said belt buckles-and the new Gypsy Vid!), Coalition misprint shirts, and a Cannondale Capo complete bike. Take all of that fun and add the fact that we had ten cases of beer from the beautiful High Falls Brewery of Rochester New York, a roller beer drinking challenge, a mattress bed bicycle, and you will have a group of people drunk off their faces and having a glorious time. top it off with getting run over by the said mattress bike and a garbage plate from mark's, and I would call that a night hard to beat.
Thanks to all the sponsors (Cannondale, FBM, HIGH FALLS brewery, Coa), old friends and new friends that showed up and had a ball with us. You rule and we'll keep you posted when the next one is.