Sunday, September 28, 2008


I didn't go. trev didn't go. i believe chris is there, or was there. I'm sure by now you have seen all of the pictures of alll the new products that may or may not be coming out anytime soon. if not, you can go here or here or here or here or here. from the looks of it, we didn't miss much. Then again, close up pictures of bike parts never really tells the story of what happens outside of the convention center and in the streets of vegas. i'm sure there was way more of this going on

Just thinking about last year and how trevor got drunk and hung out with this guy

i got drunk and turned into this guy

chris got drunk and ended up in bed with this guy

Fam got drunk and ended up going home with this guy

in other news.

i made a video. check it out below. i have no idea what i am doing, but this shit is as fun as an oriental massage... or is it massaging an oriental. not the rug kind.

Untitled Remix from jimmy rathbun on Vimeo.

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