Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tell me a story! (Will YA!-Will YA!) A Reall Good Story (I won't leave till Ya)


Ok, sorry for the delay, but I/We had to finish school finals before I/We could update this blog-o-matic. So, after finally getting back on a normal sleep schedule (………..HA!), here goes…

The Halloween Alleycat.
Fuck! The Halloween Alleycat!!! Man, it went awesome! Talk about one hell of a night. It was by far the biggest one we have done so far and everyone seemed to be ‘stoked!’, which in turn means, that we too, were filled with ‘the stoke!’ Thanks to everyone that showed up and participated in the she-nan-nuhghans, like getting lost on the way to the first check point, finding pumpkin helmets
, and collecting john McCain yard posters.

There ended up being only a couple McCain yard posters that were brought back because from what I hear, Downtown Rochester dwellers realized that a change was needed in the highest seat, so there really weren’t any Republican yard posters. I guess we could have planned the course a little better so it would have ventured out into the uptight suburbs, but then the course really wouldn’t have looked like a pentagram (Which was the whole point, peoples…!).

There were a bunch of people present for the afterparty, like these guys and the NHL commssioner was on his way thru town and made everyone drink from the Cup We then gave out the grand prize (from mac5 bikes ) to this dude
before we got on with the show
everyone had a blast(including all the Rathbun brothers), even the dudes in the band

And extra special thanks especially to all the sponsors (MAC 5 BIKES, KINK, Hell On Earth, Volume Bikes and LUX Lounge) for helping us out with rad prizes!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


we are doing an alleycat on halloween night. heres the flyer. the race starts at 10:31 pm sharp and ends at midnight. we have to put a cap on it, just because. we have prizes from mac 5 bikeshop, volume bikes, kink bmx, hell on earth clothing, lux lounge, full moon vista, plus many others that we are working on as we speak. so we hope you know downtown rochester from a bikes riders perspective,..or from a hobo's perspective for that matter. after the awards and shit, we are doing a misfits tribute band. fuckin' aye is right. so get ready.
more to come....

Monday, October 6, 2008

pay attention! this is important

so here is the deal: Ryan and Sara own a great litle bike shop in town called Kore. if you are in the BMX community you have probably heard of it. They have single handedly developed a super positive scene and provided a place for riders to meet and buy all the latest stuff here in AZ for a couple years now. Sara was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has recently lost her job and insurance that goes along with it. The bike community is really coming together on this one and is throwing a little jam to help raise as much money as we can to offset their costs.
so if you are in town 10/18, i encourage you to swing through and check out the festivities and buy a t-shirt. It should be a great time with a fixed gear crit through the neighboring parking lots. The race organizer has said that "the course is so tight it is going to be like hipster roller derby out there". there will be a BMX best trick contest going on in the infield while the crit is going on. Freeride MTB guys and galls are encouraged to come ride the ramps as well. If enough geared road bike guys show up i will organize a crit for them too.
This is going to be a great time, for a great cause.
see you there!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

better late than never.

since i am not very good with words and i seem to always have a camera on me these days, I am going to let some pictures describe my interbike experience

The dirt demo was a blast only because the guys at Surly let me drink their ice cold Tecate and ride around on a Pugsley all day. Thanks Guys!! Big tires equal big fun.

with a little riding under our belt the group decided it was best to take the rental car rally driving and we ended up in a little ghost town that looked like this and had an amazing picture on the wall

and somebody was nice enough to direct us to a nice little swimming hole called Lake Meade and it looked like this
it just so happened that my good friend Matt was having a bachelor party the same time as interbike (yes it was planned that way, we really are gigantic bike nerds) so for a few days the details got blurry, but i have pictures!

from the looks of it we: ran into some guy named Eddy (act like ya know!), my friends drank cheap booze and hit on women, Justin played Qbert on the hotel floor, saw a cyclocross race that was so fast the camera couldn't even see it, climbed some red rocks, and it looks like Matt is drinking Jameson neat out of a wine glass on the street while wearing slippers.

It has been about a week since i have been home, by way of Minnesota (even longer story) and i am healed up enough to grab the touring bike and head out for 4 days. Full report when i get back! Sedona to Phoenix the long way. Go ride something.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interbike update coming soon....

I will be filing a full Interbike report as soon as i get back to the desert, which should be some time monday night. Somehow i ended up in Minneapolis for the past 3 days now i have to fly back to Las Vegas and then drive my car back to does some weird shit to a man
buying a lap dance from Whoopie:


I didn't go. trev didn't go. i believe chris is there, or was there. I'm sure by now you have seen all of the pictures of alll the new products that may or may not be coming out anytime soon. if not, you can go here or here or here or here or here. from the looks of it, we didn't miss much. Then again, close up pictures of bike parts never really tells the story of what happens outside of the convention center and in the streets of vegas. i'm sure there was way more of this going on

Just thinking about last year and how trevor got drunk and hung out with this guy

i got drunk and turned into this guy

chris got drunk and ended up in bed with this guy

Fam got drunk and ended up going home with this guy

in other news.

i made a video. check it out below. i have no idea what i am doing, but this shit is as fun as an oriental massage... or is it massaging an oriental. not the rug kind.

Untitled Remix from jimmy rathbun on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Urkel on A Unicycle.

1 Unbroken Egg
1 Flyer of a Shitty Band
1 B/W pin-up photo
1 Moustache
1 Metallica's Kill Em' All on casstte
1 Black Eye
1 Switchblade comb
1 Newspaper from Aug 24th
1 29" tube
1 Jar of marbles
1 Urkel riding a unicycle
Finish in your underwear.

These were the skavenger hunt items for the alleycat we had last weekend. My leg still has a huge gapping wound that has to be constantly bandaged seing that it was trapped under the matress bike. bleeding legs aside, holy shit did we have a good time!. hope you did too. the next alleycat will be sometime end of september. and it may have a theme to it. so get ready.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

!BLACK 13! AlleyCat Recall of Events

Holy Shit. That was some good goddamn fun.

Tons of new people showed up on sunday night for our second ever annual AlleyCat thru Rochester NY and it went off magically. for reals. A good mix of serious riders and serious hipsters showed up and rode their asses off through a course that was alot longer then the first one and in the end, two bmxers that knew there way around downtown well enough ended up winning; Nate and Boob Shack. Nate afterward was heard saying, 'maybe it does pay off to ride bmx', seeing that he won a shiny nice FBM 'Big Ape' belt buckle. Boob Shack didn't win anything besides a girlfriend with a black eye, yet he still provided much of the color commentary for the evening in a style that only he can deliver. the after party was held at 126Argyle, the house of past and future parties (Black 13 alleycat halloween party?....maaaybe), with hosts Andy, Kyle and fashionablly late John Frame. We raffled everything off. some people won stuff, like awesome FBM stuff (shirts-Beer fish Cozies-said belt buckles-and the new Gypsy Vid!), Coalition misprint shirts, and a Cannondale Capo complete bike. Take all of that fun and add the fact that we had ten cases of beer from the beautiful High Falls Brewery of Rochester New York, a roller beer drinking challenge, a mattress bed bicycle, and you will have a group of people drunk off their faces and having a glorious time. top it off with getting run over by the said mattress bike and a garbage plate from mark's, and I would call that a night hard to beat.
Thanks to all the sponsors (Cannondale, FBM, HIGH FALLS brewery, Coa), old friends and new friends that showed up and had a ball with us. You rule and we'll keep you posted when the next one is.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

single speed world championships part 3

SSWC08 is in the books. I finished too far back for anybody to really give a shit but I may have had the most fun of anybody out there. Between doing the whole race in my underwear and shotgunning beers with a pink rabbit it was a damn fine time on an amazing course. I got to hang out with some good old friends and made some new ones. It was especially nice of Arizona Highway Patrol to search my truck for me to make sure i didn't have any drugs and then write me a whole bunch of tickets.
thanks to Ansel Adams over at for capturing some great images of me and the rest of the race.
It was also pretty cool to meet fellow drunkcyclist Nate from
he is good people, check out his site
Next up is the BLK13 alleycat in Rochester, NY on Sunday starting at 8pm at Cobbs Hill tennis courts. The last one was off the hook and if you are anywhere within driving distance of this you should show up

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Single Speed World Championships part 2

So the second day is in the books. I got an early start on the day and went and pre-rode the course most of the afternoon. This should be named the World Championships of hike-a-bike because there are so many retarded steep sections that you really have no choice but to get off and push. The course really has no flow to it at all, but the downhills are screaming fast and would be a pretty tough downhill run by themselves. So that more than makes up for the bullshit in my book. When I'm out on course i run into Dan, he is an old friend of mine from Park Ave bikes in Rochester and I haven't ridden with him in probably 10 years. He was riding for these guys from Pereira Cycles( and they are really great people and you shoudl check them out. Thanks for the BBQ guys!!
Much respect to the race organizers that kept the whole scene fueled with free beers and wine in kiddie pools filled with ice over the whole day! Once the pre riding was over everybody moved to the local bowling alley where the next years location was to be determined in an intense bowling tournament. I always prefer a good game of foot down but the bowling was pretty cool and the locals were less than thrilled to have a few hundred dirty single speeders in their alley. The word on the street is that Durango is the place to be next year about this time, but you didn't hear it from me. The party has since moved back to the hotel where some Scottish kids are trying to set everything on fire. I support that.
Tomorrow is going to be a brutal slog through the hills of northern California and it is going to be amazing. Go ride.

Friday, August 22, 2008

single speed world championships. part 1

i started the journey to single speed world championships ( by making the 13 hour drive from Tempe, AZ to a friend's house in Santa Cruz, CA where he decided to try and tear my legs off on a mountain bike ride through the Experimental Forest. If you are ever in Santa Cruz I suggest bringing, borrowing, or stealing a bike to ride these trails. Woods for miles and miles with views of the ocean and what seemed like never ending downhill. runs. The picture above is where Corey says he saw Big Foot.
Today I woke up with sore legs and a sore head and left the hospitality of Corey and his wife to make the drive through San Fran up to Napa. I pulled into the hotel and it is completely filled with single speeders. Beer/wine runs have been made and the local bail bond number is in my phone. The sun is going down, and we all know what happens when the sun goes down.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

in the beginning....

man,.. i used to get so psyched when I would here the 'In The Beginning....' song on Motley Crues' second album. It prepared you perfectly for what was to come next, which was the satanic blasting (albeit, the SunSet Strip glam rock version of satanic blasting) thrown down your face by a bunch of dudes dressed up as ugly girls. Fuckin' Aye, I loved the 80's. Such a completely retarded time in history. I had to be around 8 and didn't know any better, but shit.....nobody did! time and place. If you were 8 then and from the shit-sandwhich central known as Charlotte, New York, then you know what i mean. Feathered mullets aplenty, mesh halfshirts and short 'nut-revealing' shorts were the uniform, atari was the game program, and Ozzy ruled.
times are different now. for better and worse. I'm not 8 anymore, which is fine. At 31, I can afford to travel to costa rica with 6 other friends and surf our balls off for 7 straight days and live life the way it should be lived- enjoying every second. Life should be on HIGH as often as you can handle it...simply because life on LOW fucking licks.
we are the black 13.