Friday, August 22, 2008

single speed world championships. part 1

i started the journey to single speed world championships ( by making the 13 hour drive from Tempe, AZ to a friend's house in Santa Cruz, CA where he decided to try and tear my legs off on a mountain bike ride through the Experimental Forest. If you are ever in Santa Cruz I suggest bringing, borrowing, or stealing a bike to ride these trails. Woods for miles and miles with views of the ocean and what seemed like never ending downhill. runs. The picture above is where Corey says he saw Big Foot.
Today I woke up with sore legs and a sore head and left the hospitality of Corey and his wife to make the drive through San Fran up to Napa. I pulled into the hotel and it is completely filled with single speeders. Beer/wine runs have been made and the local bail bond number is in my phone. The sun is going down, and we all know what happens when the sun goes down.

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whatever you do, don't feed Gizmo after midnight.