Tuesday, August 26, 2008

single speed world championships part 3

SSWC08 is in the books. I finished too far back for anybody to really give a shit but I may have had the most fun of anybody out there. Between doing the whole race in my underwear and shotgunning beers with a pink rabbit it was a damn fine time on an amazing course. I got to hang out with some good old friends and made some new ones. It was especially nice of Arizona Highway Patrol to search my truck for me to make sure i didn't have any drugs and then write me a whole bunch of tickets.
thanks to Ansel Adams over at carsonblume.com for capturing some great images of me and the rest of the race.
It was also pretty cool to meet fellow drunkcyclist Nate from handlebarsandwich.com
he is good people, check out his site
Next up is the BLK13 alleycat in Rochester, NY on Sunday starting at 8pm at Cobbs Hill tennis courts. The last one was off the hook and if you are anywhere within driving distance of this you should show up

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Tony said...

C--how do I get in touch with your friend Corey? email me: tony@pereiracycles.com