Saturday, August 23, 2008

Single Speed World Championships part 2

So the second day is in the books. I got an early start on the day and went and pre-rode the course most of the afternoon. This should be named the World Championships of hike-a-bike because there are so many retarded steep sections that you really have no choice but to get off and push. The course really has no flow to it at all, but the downhills are screaming fast and would be a pretty tough downhill run by themselves. So that more than makes up for the bullshit in my book. When I'm out on course i run into Dan, he is an old friend of mine from Park Ave bikes in Rochester and I haven't ridden with him in probably 10 years. He was riding for these guys from Pereira Cycles( and they are really great people and you shoudl check them out. Thanks for the BBQ guys!!
Much respect to the race organizers that kept the whole scene fueled with free beers and wine in kiddie pools filled with ice over the whole day! Once the pre riding was over everybody moved to the local bowling alley where the next years location was to be determined in an intense bowling tournament. I always prefer a good game of foot down but the bowling was pretty cool and the locals were less than thrilled to have a few hundred dirty single speeders in their alley. The word on the street is that Durango is the place to be next year about this time, but you didn't hear it from me. The party has since moved back to the hotel where some Scottish kids are trying to set everything on fire. I support that.
Tomorrow is going to be a brutal slog through the hills of northern California and it is going to be amazing. Go ride.

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