Monday, September 8, 2008

Urkel on A Unicycle.

1 Unbroken Egg
1 Flyer of a Shitty Band
1 B/W pin-up photo
1 Moustache
1 Metallica's Kill Em' All on casstte
1 Black Eye
1 Switchblade comb
1 Newspaper from Aug 24th
1 29" tube
1 Jar of marbles
1 Urkel riding a unicycle
Finish in your underwear.

These were the skavenger hunt items for the alleycat we had last weekend. My leg still has a huge gapping wound that has to be constantly bandaged seing that it was trapped under the matress bike. bleeding legs aside, holy shit did we have a good time!. hope you did too. the next alleycat will be sometime end of september. and it may have a theme to it. so get ready.

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