Saturday, October 4, 2008

better late than never.

since i am not very good with words and i seem to always have a camera on me these days, I am going to let some pictures describe my interbike experience

The dirt demo was a blast only because the guys at Surly let me drink their ice cold Tecate and ride around on a Pugsley all day. Thanks Guys!! Big tires equal big fun.

with a little riding under our belt the group decided it was best to take the rental car rally driving and we ended up in a little ghost town that looked like this and had an amazing picture on the wall

and somebody was nice enough to direct us to a nice little swimming hole called Lake Meade and it looked like this
it just so happened that my good friend Matt was having a bachelor party the same time as interbike (yes it was planned that way, we really are gigantic bike nerds) so for a few days the details got blurry, but i have pictures!

from the looks of it we: ran into some guy named Eddy (act like ya know!), my friends drank cheap booze and hit on women, Justin played Qbert on the hotel floor, saw a cyclocross race that was so fast the camera couldn't even see it, climbed some red rocks, and it looks like Matt is drinking Jameson neat out of a wine glass on the street while wearing slippers.

It has been about a week since i have been home, by way of Minnesota (even longer story) and i am healed up enough to grab the touring bike and head out for 4 days. Full report when i get back! Sedona to Phoenix the long way. Go ride something.

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